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Past Reports & Articles

I have done many reports, presentations, seminars and webinars. The following are in the public domain and give an indication of some of the areas I get involved with.


Major Market Retail Report: an analysis of Canadian retailers and their competitive position based on direct consumer research and first published in 1994

Retail Sales Outlook: a quarterly analysis and projection of retail sales and trends, with separate reports for the U.S. and Canada, begun in 2005

Sears, Walmart Could Lose to Target; IKEA, Costco Safest: on which retailers are perceived to be more or less vulnerable to Target’s entry into the Canadian retail market

U.S. Shopping Boosts Target Canada: an analysis demonstrating that consumers who have shopped their U.S. stores in the past are particularly interested in shopping at Target Canada

Shopping Around and Retail Competition: on how the number of stores shopped by consumers varies by product line and what the implications are for retailers

Where the Canadian Retail Economy is Headed: a look at overall retail sales trends, competitive developments, and strategic implications presented at a Hardlines conference

UpMarket, DownMarket: Where Canadian Retailers Fit on the Status Scale: an innovative analysis of "market status", with consumer profiles and scores for 100+ major retailers

Impact of Combo Stores: presented at a Retail Council of Canada seminar, on how food plus drugs plus merchandise combination retailers are set to affect the industry

Comparing Retail in the U.S. Versus Canada: an analysis of retail industry similarities and differences between the two countries

Preprint Advertising

Print Versus E-Flyers: on how physical and virtual advertising circulars work relative to each other and the implications for major retailers, based on consumer research

Flyer Advertising, The Big Picture: on major trends in the insert advertising industry, presented at an RAC symposium

There Must Be 50 Ways To Improve Your Retail Preprints: a “how to” report on retail preprint advertising practices, covering content, design, distribution, and management

Newspaper Advertising and Publishing

Newspaper Industry Preview: an annual look at newspaper executives’ and managers’ ad revenue expectations and strategic initiatives planned for the coming year, first published in 2006

Selling Digital: originally presented at a New England Newspaper & Press Association convention, on how newspapers can practically and effectively sell more digital advertising

The Next Newspaper Ad Sales Model: how newspaper ad sales practices must change in the light of industry realities and take advantage of a portfolio selling approach supported by e-commerce

Earn More With Modular: on how newspapers can lever modular advertising to increase volume and improve ad sales, plus gain a number of operating efficiencies

Top Ten for Tough Times in Newspaper Ad Sales: originally presented at a Michigan Press Association's conference, on practical ways newspapers can sell better, faster, smarter, cheaper

Increase Ad Revenue Without Raising Rates: a discussion on "non-price", "rate-neutral" and "selective" approaches that newspapers can use to improve ad revenue

Managing the Downside of Newspaper Advertising Contracts: on how to manage the numerous pitfalls of traditional newspaper annual advertising contracts

How the Big Money Sees Newspaper Advertising: a report on how major accounts see the value of newspaper advertising and how well the buying process works